So It Begins…

With the 2017 ETC Championship only a few days away the eyes of Middle-Earth are focussed upon the triumphs and victories that may swing the tide of battle. However as the sun sets on the second day of battle one team…one country will be named the Champions of the first European Team Championship and take back to their homeland the pride and honour of all victorious realms before them!

Whilst victory will reside within their hearts for that day forth all eyes will start to look toward the next battle to be fought. As Théoden looked toward the lit beacons and Gondors’ call for aid every country will be looking toward the 2018 Championship and how to best their foes on the battlefield and seek their revenge.

This website will be the epicentre of all knowledge for the ETC 2018 Championship and your best tool to ensuring you, your team and your country defeat all those before you.

Information will be uploaded in a number of ways to the site; through these blog posts, videos and directly to some of the pages on the site.

So keep your eyes focused, your axes sharpened and your monsters under control as the 2018 ETC Championship will be around the corner quicker than a Nazgul on fellbeast!

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