ETC 2018 – The Ticket You’re Tolkien About!

It has come to pass, that whilst some secrets may remain safe behind lock and key, we are proud to announce the tickets for ETC 2018!!!

Firstly the ticket will entitle you to two days filled with gaming and a awesome opportunity to socialise with like minded Hobbits from across the globe!!
You will also get hot or cold lunch on both the Saturday and the Sunday, as well as dinner on the Saturday night!

Additionally on the Saturday night each participant at the event will be invited to a participate in a seminar all about our beloved hobby!

Even at this early stage  those champions amongst us will be thinking ahead, to compete for the ultimate prize. start the assembling your teams and forging your armies you must not forget the bountiful treasures to be won!

Whether you are thinking of attending for the games and the competition, the socialising, and merriment or just the chance to compete for your country in one of the largest international international SBG events it is sure to be one to remember!

Watch this space for more information coming soon!

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