This event would not be possible without our fabulous sponsors who between them have provided so much and have been fundamental to the successful launch. By working closely with our sponsors we have not only had support to run the event in the early stages but we also hope our collaboration will continue far into the future.


warlord games

WARLORD GAMES are a fantastic company who design, manufacture and distribute finely detailed 28mm miniatures in plastic, metal and resin. Their vast range of products vary through different periods within history from the Roman times to World War Two. They also have sci-fi ranges including a new BBC Doctor Who line.

With the Warlord Games WW2 game, ‘Bolt Action’, becoming part of the 2019 Championships, we are extremely pleased to officially welcome Warlord Games as a sponsor for the Bolt Action WTC event.

For more information on WARLORD GAMES, to access their official forums and to have a look at the product range head on over to their website:


weta logo

WETA WORKSHOP are and outstanding company. They carefully design, craft, sculpt and paint not only a vast range of products which are sold to the public but they are involved within a lot of television and film productions creating everything from scenics to armour and clothing. One set of productions they have worked on are the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies; which we think makes them a rather fitting sponsor for our event!

The guys at Weta Workshop have joined us as our event continues to grow and flourish in 2019, further supporting the amazing Middle Earth event with some additional prizes that can be won during the event!

For more information on WETA WORKSHOP and to have a look at the product range pop over to their website:


File 27-09-2016, 15 09 00

URBANMATZ are suppliers of  wargaming mats, terrain and accessories for tabletop games like Warhammer, Warmachine and other similar game systems.

The guys at UMZ joined up in the very early stages of our events development offering to provide gaming mats for our tables, giving our gaming tables a instant high quality realistic feel any competitor would be happy to wage war on!

For more information on URBANMATZ and to have a look at the product range pop over to their website:

The Army Painter

THE ARMY PAINTER are manufacturers and suppliers of a extremely vast range of paints, scenery and other accessories that enhance the look and style of any tabletop miniature you tackle. Their products have been used by beginners and experts alike and  are one of the leading brands within model painting.

THE ARMY PAINTER crew joined up with the ETC 2017 team specifically to sponsor the Best Painted Army award, a very suitable sponsor given the products they manufacture.

Head on over to their website to have a look at some of the amazing paints and tools they provide;

GENERATION SHIFTgeneration shift logo

GENERATION SHIFT are a well known and highly recommended company for tabletop miniature hobbyists all over. They manufacture very high quality ranges of textured resin bases, and have a vast variety of bases in their current product lines from woodlands to a sci-fi city.

Currently the business is run through his Facebook page, which is nice and responsive to any questions that may be asked or if you wish to place a order.

To see the companies full catalogue and for further information of the company please us the following link (opens in Facebook):


Paint Forge

Paint Forge is a producer of modelling tufts

and flowers and also Painting and Modelling blog – Models made for fun, play and commission
If you’d like to take a peek at the range jump onto their Blogspot website or their Facebook page;


Em4 miniatures are leading manufacturers of gaming miniatures, dice and gaming accessories.

Jump over to their website to have a look at some of the excellent models they manufacture:



OrzolStudio is a company located in Poland, founded at the end of 2017. The main purpose of the activity is the production of resin bases and statuettes as well as laser cut HDF buildings and accessories.


PLAYMATY are a Polish company who manufacture rubber based gaming mats, excellent 2D and 3D terrain with specific products for a variety of card and tabletop games and great value.
For more information of the company and to check out their product range pop on over to their website at the following address:


Kromlech is a Polish tabletop miniature company, manufacturing and distributing high quality miniatures, accessories and scenery for miniature games in 28mm scale.
The company manufactures everything from their own miniatures to additional bits for conversions and detailed textured bases. Additionally they also supply those ever essential tabletop gaming accessories, like weathering powders, glue, dice and so on.
Head on over to their website for their full range!



Terrains4Games is a company who manufacture and sell terrain for battle games, historical dioramas, architectural models and landscape models as well as dioramas on request.

Through hand-crafting techniques the company manufacture products in both high quality resin and laser cut MDF.

They also manufacture a range of miniatures which are definitely worth a look.

To check them out head on over to their website at;


Alien Lab Creator logo

Alien Lab is a company that produces and designs high quality miniatures, terrain elements, parts and accessories for various table games from the fantasy and science fiction world on a scale of 28-30 mm. The main goal of the company is production with an emphasis on high quality products and we strive to make our products better. In our store you will be able to find a constantly growing range of models and other items, such as bitsy, stands or grounds.

To find out more about them and visit there store head on over to their website at;



VANAHEIM.PL is a Polish games store stocking a wide variety of products over multiple games. Alongside tabletop miniatures the company also sells accessories, like textured bases, card games and other historically themed systems.
The company joined the event as a sponsor during the 2019 Championships held in Poland and have provided a great selection of products toward the prize pool for the Middle Earth event.
Visit their webstore to see their full range of products and event pick yourself up a bargain!