Bolt Action WTC – Rules

Date: May 14 and 15 2022


Location: Cork, Ireland


Operation Name: Bolt Action WTC


Welcome to the Second Bolt Action World Team Championship, this event will bring together like minded gamers from across globe for two days of rolling dice and having some fun.  The aim of the event is to encourage growth in the Bolt Action community and some friendly competitive play amongst the teams……. Game On.


Event Details:

The event will be run over two days between teams of four players.
The official language of the event will be English with the English version of the Second Edition rule book being used.
Each team should submit 5 army lists, the captain will declare which 4 are being used on the day of the event.


Match Ups

In each round, each team will face off against another team of four players on four identical gaming tables.

Force Selection
The rules for force selection which we are adopting this year are designed with a view to putting together armies that are reasonably well balanced in play; the purpose of these force selection rules is to enable players who wish to do so to choose well-matched, competitive, and entertaining forces with which to play a challenging game.

A force must comprise any number of reinforced platoons – from a single platoon to as many as you can squeeze into the 1000 points total!

Each reinforced platoon is made up as per the table below, using only units picked from the “Armies of” series of books and reinforced platoons from Armies of China in the “Empire in Flames” and the Armies of Australia in the “Campaign New Guinea” book.

Each of the five army lists that are submitted to the event must be created from a different nation, for example you would be unable to submit one army List for US Marines and one army list for US Army as they are both chosen from the same Armies Of book.

Reinforced Platoon

1 Lieutenant – First or Second
2 Infantry squads

0–3 Infantry squads
0–1 Captain or Major
0–1 Medic
0–1 Forward Observer (either Artillery or Air)
0–1 Machine gun team
0–1 Mortar team
0–1 Sniper team
0–1 Flamethrower team
0–1 Anti-tank team
0–1 Field Artillery, Anti-aircraft or Anti-tank gun
0–1 Armoured Car
0–1 Tank, Tank Destroyer, Anti-aircraft vehicle or Self-propelled Artillery
0–1 Transport vehicle or tow (soft-skins or armoured) per infantry and artillery unit in the reinforced platoon.

When picking a force begin with the first reinforced platoon and start by fulfilling its minimum requirement of 1 lieutenant and 2 infantry squads. Once this is done, pick from the other units given until the total requisition value of your units reaches the agreed maximum value for the force or as close as you can get.

So long as you have sufficient points remaining, you can always stop at any stage and start again with a second reinforced platoon, and then a third, and so on, adding as many platoons as your points will allow.

Note that transports can always be included up to one vehicle for every infantry and artillery unit in the reinforced platoon. This enables infantry to be mounted into carriers if desired, HQ units to have jeeps or similar vehicles, and artillery and anti-tank guns to have prime movers.

If a vehicle listed as a transport/tow picks a weapon option that means the transport loses its transport/towing ability, it no longer counts as a transport/tow for the purposes of force selection, but as either an armoured car (if wheeled and with damage value 7+ or worse) or an anti- aircraft or self-propelled artillery vehicle otherwise.

It is perfectly possible to spend all the points available on one large reinforced platoon, or to buy several smaller reinforced platoons allowing for a higher proportion of specialised units. This is entirely up to the player, but always keep in mind that the total value cannot exceed the maximum total requisition points agreed for the force.

Army lists need to be sent in by midnight GMT 13th March 2022, where they will be checked for composition and then the draws for the first round will be randomly decided.  The lists will be made public two weeks before the event via social media and Podcasts, to allow discussion amongst the community.  The players name will not be used at this stage only that the team is taking the 5 lists submitted.  This will allow for a reserve player to select which list to use in case of having to step in to cover illness or nonattendance.  List should be sent using the WTC BA Template to please do not put the player’s name on the army list only the nation.

At registration at the event, the four lists that the team has chosen will be locked in and cannot be changed. 

Army Restrictions:

• No Additional Army PDF’s
• No Named Characters
• No War Correspondents 
• The event will use the errata and FAQ that is valid from midnight GMT 13th March 2022and errata, or FAQ issued after will not be valid. 
• Lists should be submitted using the WTC BA Template only and not via Easy Army, and lists submitted via Easy Army will be returned to the team captain for re submission


Painting and Modelling:

Painting should be 3 colour minimum
Models should be based
Models must be WYSIWYG and should resemble what they are supposed to be, for example weapon upgrades need to be modelled onto the vehicles.
Models should be 28mm in scale.



Each of the six missions played over the weekend will be randomly selected from the Warlord Games Bolt Action Tournament Mission Pack which is available on the following link:
Each round will last a maximum of 2 hours
A warning will be issued when there is 30 minutes on the clock and then again at 15 minutes by the tournament organisers.
When the tournament organisers call time, players may finish the current dice activation.


Battle Ready:

Each player is expected to arrive at the event with a selection of dice, Order dice, Pin markers, Tape Measure, objective markers, FAQ, Errata, Army Book, Rule Book and Copies of their Army List


On the score sheets each game will record a win, loss or draw and record the number of opponents units removed from play.

The winner of each mission will be based upon the victory conditions laid out in each mission.

Unit count removed for play will be used as a tie breaker if required.