Bolt Action WTC – Rules


Match Ups
In each round the 4 players from a team will play against another 4 man team.
Their set of 4 tables will have identical scenery and these table will be adjacent to each other. (Table scenery to be decided in due course)
The next team plays against another team on a separate set of 4 tables set up with a different set  identical scenery an so on.

Army Lists

Each team will put five 1000 point army lists forward.   Four they intend to use and one that will not be used. No one, not even the Tournament Organiser  will be aware of which of the 5 will be used  until the players register their lists on the day just before the 1st game. Obviously it cannot be changed after this.

The list options are as follows:

Each team is allowed up to 5 generic reinforced lists. *(see note below)
One of these lists can be changed for an armoured list
One can be changed for a theatre list
One can be changed for a dual platoon list – ( where one of the platoon officers is clearly of higher points cost than the other.)

No duplication of National Army is allowed in the same team of four.

(there will be no dice cap)
Eg: if Germany is used for armoured platoon the team may not use Germany again for any of their remaining options.

Army lists will need to be sent in by the 31st of March 2019.

Please use this WTC 2019 Army list submission form document to submit your army lists for the Middle Earth SBG ETC event. This document must be complete before submission and submitted by the Team Captain after all team members have confirmed the lists are correct.

ALL Lists to be sent to

Once received

  • Each list is checked.
  • Draws are randomly chosen for game one.
  • Videos and podcasts are recorded about each teams lists.
  • These are made public 3 weeks before the event.
  • At registration on the first day the 4 lists been used will be locked in and the 5th list discarded.

*NOTE – To include the world BA community in terms of speculation, discussion and even practice gaming before the event.

These submitted lists will be checked and when they are all cleared will be made public to the world. Who the final player of the list is not important at this point as illness or family issues may get in the way and a reserve or substitute may play one of the submitted lists.
In this instance there are now 2 “spare lists” for a spare player to choose from rather than penalising a team for a drop out by making spare player play a list he/she is unfamiliar with.


Armies may be chosen from any of the following army books or supplement book list .

  • Armies of Germany (Edition 2)
  • Armies of United States
  • Armies of Great Britain
  • Armies of the Soviet Union
  • Armies of Imperial Japan
  • Armies of France and the Allies
  • Armies of Italy and the Axis
  • Germany Strikes
  • Battleground Europe
  • Ostfront
  • Empire in Flames
  • Duel in the Sun
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Sea Lion / Gigant
  • Road to Berlin
  • Market Garden
  • Any additional theatre book published at least 28 days prior to event
  • Tank War (If using an Armoured Platoon, only ONE Platoon may be used in your force.)


NO additional Army PDF’s / Lists that are published by Warlord Games or otherwise are allowed.


Remember your models will have at least three colours on them and should be WYSIWYG. I would delete this for smaller supported games to allow those newly into the game easy access to low key game play In the case of “counts as” conversions, please make sure that your opponent is clear as to what the conversion counts as prior to the game beginning.


The Draw system


This process allows different army lists to be paired and under different scenario types allows interesting match ups.
So all players are now paired.


We will be using the scenarios from the rule book.

6 will be randomly chosen. This will be done before the game begins and will give captains enough time to prepare pairings based on this.

As we all know some of the scenarios aren’t best suited to tournament play and four of the book scenarios will be dropped pre event giving us 8 to randomly pick from.

The judging will only use the original language version of rules. That is the English version of the rule book and any official errata and FAQ as put out by warlord. This in turn means that it would be an advantage to players (but not necessary) to have a good grasp of English. At this high level of play it will be so time consuming to have interrupters at the table.

I know this is possibly the toughest restriction to impose but trying to explain the wording differences of must and may, could and should to a non English speaker is a logistical nightmare. It’s bad enough even when English is their first language.

There will be a sensible cut off date for new rules and FAQ releases so that army lists and scenarios can’t be effected.
Eg: any rules or FAQ/Errata after the 15th Jan of the event Calendar year will not take effect at the April tournament.

Inevitably due to the tactical aspect with the formulae for player pairings before each game we will be playing Blue on Blue games.


Each game will last 2 hrs.

Once the TO indicates Game Time is up, the players must finish the current dice, and then the game ends automatically.