2022 Ticket Information: Middle Earth ETC & Bolt Action WTC

The Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game European Team Championships and Bolt Action World Team Championships are fast approaching and tickets are available very very soon so here is some important information that you will need to ensure you, your team and your country secure a place in Ireland in 2022!

Ticket Information – Both Events;

First of all, just a quick note that this year T3 will not be in use for registering teams. In previous years whilst it has been extremely helpful in some areas of event registration in some cases it has caused confusion and stress to event attendees. As a result we have simplified the process so please ensure you read the below carefully.

  • From 19th November 2021 each Country representative will be able to register a team for their respective event; Middle Earth SBG/Bolt Action. Whilst we have a large number of teams available for both events this is on a first come first serve basis. As a result please ensure your country representative has contacted the event organising team at the earliest opportunity; one way to do this will be through the official Facebook pages!
  • Tickets for both events during the 2022 championships are €320 (€80 per player). To avoid potential errors, it is preferred if payment for the whole team could be made in a single transaction, however if this creates more hassle within your team or would cause a delay individual payments are accepted.
    Please add a note to any payments stating the Country/Team the payment is for and the player name, if known when payment is sent.
  • Final payment for tickets must be made by February 15th 2022.
    Should a team fail to complete its full payment by the final payment date above, the team may be withdrawn from the competition. Should this situation occur the country representative must inform the event team as soon as possible of any delays and we will work with him/her as much as we can to help bring a positive outcome.
  • Payment details, including bank details for payments to be sent to, have been provided to the representatives of each country. Any questions or problems with retrieving this information from your representative please contact the event staff via the official Facebook pages or by the contact page of this website. Ticket Information – Middle Earth Event Only;As detailed above your country representatives are now able to reserve a spot for one team at the next championships. However as in previous years there may be scope for countries to enter two teams.
  • From 1st December 2021 countries may reserve a space for a second team to attend the 2022 Middle Earth SBG European Team Championships*.
  • To reserve a slot for a second team a non-refundable deposit of €80 (25% of team ticket) must be paid; second team spaces are distributed on a first come first serve basis.
    Payment method and details for the second team are the same as the first team (please see above) with the exception that €80 would have been paid as a deposit so only another €240 would need to be paid by February 15th.*Please be aware we will not be able to confirm the number of places available for second teams until December 1st, after countries have had time to reserve a place for a first team. This may mean no second team spaces are available should the event hit capacity before this date.

    Any questions regarding ticketing for either event please contact your country representative or the event staff.