Middle Earth ETC

Event Schedule

Saturday 0830-0940: Registration 0940-1000: Event Brief 1000-1200: Game One 1200-1300: Lunch 1330-1530: Game Two 1530-1630: Break 1630-1830: Game Three 1830-1930:… Read more Event Schedule

Middle Earth – FAQ

The current FAQ and Rules Errata for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, released by Games Workshop, can be found… Read more Middle Earth – FAQ

Middle Earth ETC – Rules

Army Lists Each team will submit five 800pt army lists. There must not be more than one copy of each… Read more Middle Earth ETC – Rules

Past Events: Armies Of Poznan 2019

…and so as the day of reckoning draws near the scouts have returned, and it is now teams are able… Read more Past Events: Armies Of Poznan 2019

Referees Handbook

It is important to remember that whilst this is a competitive event we expect all persons involved in the event… Read more Referees Handbook