Middle Earth ETC – Rules

Army Lists

Each team will submit five 800pt army lists.
There must not be more than one copy of each named character between the five army lists, this includes variations of a particular character. For example Team Antartica may not use Aragorn, Strider and Aragorn, King Ellesar.
The only exception to this is they may take one Evil Saruman and one Good Saruman in different armies.

During registration, on the first day of the event, each team will notify the event organisers which four army lists will be used by their team during the event and which player will be using which specific list. Consequently team will also declare which army list will not be used during the event.

Prior to this each team should keep any information regarding which army lists they plan to use during the event secret from other teams, the wider community and the event officials 

Each 800 point army list Army lists may be created from  the following Games Workshop publications;

The Armies of The Lord of the Rings
The Armies of The Hobbit
All of The Lord of the Rings Supplements up-to and including any releases before 15th March 2022.

Additionally any PDF documents released on or before 15th March 2022, deemed suitable for tournament use, that are not included within a published book will be listed below and considered in user for this event:

Please be aware, Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are not allowed to be selected within armies for this event; he is simply too content wandering the paths of the woods to get involved.

Army List Submission
Each team must submit all five army lists by 15th March 2022 23:59GMT
To submit the army lists the team captain should compile all five army lists in a single document which will then be sent to the tournament organisers for review.

Please use this ETC 2020 Army list submission form  document to submit your army lists for the Middle Earth SBG ETC event. This document must be complete before submission and submitted by the Team Captain after all team members have confirmed the lists are correct.

All lists to be sent to


Following army list submission the event organisers will take the following steps;

  • Each army list is checked.
  • Draws are randomly chosen for game one.
  • Videos and podcasts are recorded about each teams lists.
  • Media of the army lists will be made public 2-3 weeks before the event.
  • During registration on the first day the four lists that have been selected for use during the event will be locked in and the fifth list is discarded.

Should a player have to withdraw from the competition after the army list submission date, for example due to illness, the substitute player must use one of the five army lists submitted. 

All models used within the event must be fully painted and based. Models should also follow the WYSIWYG system, which requires each specific model used to be equipped displaying the options and wargear purchased in the army list. For example we would expect to see a Moria Goblin modeled with a spear if the army list states a Moria Goblin is wielding a Spear.

All conversions must display wargear clearly to avoid confusion during the event. Please speak to your team captain or country representative who can contact the event organisers directly if you have any concerns regarding a conversion.

The Draw

Rounds 1-3
The first stage of the event will see teams drawn into multiple groups or boxes and over the course of three rounds each team within a box will play against one another.
Rounds 4-6
Following the conclusion of round 3 each teams total score will be calculated and ranked in order of the Tournament Points scored; tiebreakers will be used to determine ranks for any tied teams (see ‘Scoring – Tiebreakers’ below.)
Following a Swiss Ranking system, teams will compete against similarly ranked opponents; for example the team ranked 1 will play against the team ranked 2 and so on.

Please be aware there is no rule to prevent teams preventing teams playing each other multiple times.

The Middle Earth ETC team have decided that the ‘Matched Play Guide’ produced by Games Workshop will be in use during this event. As a result the scenario selection process will evolve from the method we used last year, that saw pools of scenarios randomly selected, to the 2022 Championship where the official Pool Selection System will be in use.

Before each game the pool that the scenario will be selected from will be randomly determined. After determining the pool the specific scenario to be played will be randomly selected. Each pool may only be selected once during the event and after its selection it will not be considered in the future scenario selection process.

The use of the official ‘Matched Play Guide’ consequently means that all 18 scenarios are available during this event; this includes the six brand new scenarios released in 2020.

The Match-up System
After the draws for a round have been published the captains from both teams will have to determine the individual match-ups of the players within their teams. This is simply done by following the system as pictured below;

matchup system

Game Duration
Each round will have an allotted game time of 120 minutes.
To ensure prompt conclusion of each round and as a result reducing the risk of delays during the event, ten minutes before the end of each round players will be informed that the turn they are currently playing should be there last turn.

As in previous Championships players will be awarded Tournament Points based off of the results of their individual games. During the Championships the Tournament Point allocation system set out in the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Matched Play Guide (page 44) will be in use and are as follow;

Major Loss – 0 Tournament Points
Minor Loss – 1 Tournament Points
Draw – 2 Tournament Points
Minor Victory – 5 Tournament Points
Major Victory – 6 Tournament points

If a player achieves double or more Victory Points than their opponent, they will achieve a Major Victory which their opponent will receive a Major Loss.
If a player wins their game, but doesn’t score double or more Victory Points than their opponent, they will earn a Minor Victory whilst their opponent will receive a Minor Loss.
If both players are tied on Victory Points, both players score a Draw.

The winning team of the event is the team that has scored the highest number of Tournament Points across the event. Should scored be tied Tiebreakers will be in use (see below.)

Scoring – Tiebreakers
In the case that there is a tie between two or more teams, the following tiebreakers will be in effect to distinguish their respective rankings;

1 – Total Individual Matches Won
2 – Best Victory Points Difference
(Victory Point Difference = Victory Points Scored-Victory Points Conceded)
3 – Total Victory Points Scored

Scoring – Concession
Should a player wish to concede a game, their opponent will automatically receive a 12-0 win, thereby receiving a Major Victory and 6 Tournament Points. Due to the type of event the ETC is the conceding player and his team will also receive a -1 Tournament Point penalty.

In some exceptional circumstances a player may be forced to concede. If the event team agree that the situation is as a result of exceptional circumstances the -1 Tournament Point penalty will not be applied to the conceding players’ team, however the game result will remain as detailed above.

Rules Queries and TO Decisions
For the purpose of this event the English versions of all publications shall be used and as such all TO decisions will be based from the rules as written in English.

Making sure that all attendees are playing from the same version of the game ensures that there are no discrepancies or wording changes between the publications in use, usually due to translation issues.

Any rules updates, FAQs or Errata documents released by Games Workshop for tournament use on or before 15th March 2022 will be in use during this event.
Please see the FAQ page of this website for further details: https://wordpress.com/edit/jetpack-portfolio/middleearth-etc.com/508