General Rules
Each Country can submit two teams made of up to 4 players in each team.

Each country will submit five army lists; one for each player in the team and a fifth reserve army.

The event will be using the English version of the most up to date rule book, source books and the FAQ’s.

Army List/Composition

Please use the following Spreadsheet to submit your army lists. Each team must input all five army lists and submit as one document to be accepted. The file will be uploaded to the ETC facebook pages but is also downloadable from Dropbox through the following link:

Please download the document and enter the information required and the army lists, do not complete it online. Team Captains will be required to submit the documents by 15th March 2022 and instruction on how to do this will be sent out to all captains before this date.
Each player requires a force of a value up to 800 points.

All guidelines and restriction for building a army within the Rules Manual and army books apply.

As this is a team event however there is an additional restriction applied to the use of named Characters;
There may only be one version of any named character within the four armies that make a team. For example, even though there are multiple profiles available for Thranduil, he may only be taken once within the four armies of a team.
The exception to this rule is Saruman. Saruman may be included within a team in both his Good and Evil forms. (There may only be one Evil Saruman and one Good Saruman included within the team though, as above)

Any further changes to army building will depend on future amendments or restrictions created by Games Workshop. A cut off date for further amendments to the way competitors build their armies for the ETC is set for March 1st. Any changes made after this date will not take effect.

Firstly, to reiterate, the weapon/s that are modelled on a particular figure are the weapons that the model will be using in battle. The weapon MUST be detailed upon your army list, even if no cost has been paid for the weapon. If a units profile states the wargear/weapon it uses those must be used and modelled, unless further upgrades/replacements have been purchase using the profiles ‘Options’ section.

If a models profile states under its wargear that is uses a ‘Hand Weapon’ and does not specify a particular weapon like a ‘Elven Blade’ you are permitted to swap the physical weapon it is using. For example a Warrior of Minas Tirith usually comes equipped with a sword, due to the models’ sculpt. If you so wish you may swap this sword for a Mace, Axe, Dagger…and so on…
If you do decide to make this change the hand weapon of a model in this way, the new weapon MUST be modelled onto the particular figure and must be detailed in your army list. Making a swap like this will also cost an additional point (1pt) toward the models’ cost and (5pts) for a Hero.

Models that have profiles but no models created by GW 
A model, unless on their profile, will be deemed to have a sword as a hand weapon.
An example of this is Corsair reavers.
There is no present model for this. These models presently are deemed to have swords as their hand weapons. In order to give these models an axe, you must pay 1 point for each model.

Not necessarily exceptions but warriors of Rohan and Morranon orc plastic box sets allow models to be modelled using a range of different weapons.
This is a loop hole and allows an army of complete axe welding Rohan or Morranon orcs.
The importance of this is to ensure that the models are fully equiped with their set weapons.

A model has Only one hand weapon. Additional hand weapons ( even if free as in the case of Rohan/Morranon models above) must take the place of the original and be modelled in its place.

These weapons do not in this case cost the additional 1 pt.
But only these models can be equiped this way.

All archer or spear type models where no hand weapon is visible (eg: under their cloak) are deemed to have swords. Modelling axes, etc….. will incur the detailed cost.
Set equiped models may not be converted.
Monsters, mounts and wargs/ spiders are not allowed to be equiped with “weapons”.
To try and model your lovely models in this way is silly and pointless. Such models can not do weapon upgrades/swaps!

Also Thrown axes, as equipped by some models, are not counted as hand weapons. These models must pay the points cost if you wish to upgrade them to allow axes to be used in the fight.

Below is a chart that lists out all the special strikes that models can do based on their original sculpts.

Submission of Army Lists
All army lists MUST be submitted to the ETC Admin by March 15th, 7 weeks before the event to give organisers a chance to check all lists.

All FIVE army lists must be submitted in a single document, please use the document created specifically for this event! This document should NOT state who is using which army or indicate a order of use.

Please submit army list documents using the army list document to;

Failure to submit lists for all members of the team by this date may result in a 1TP deduction.

Draw Method

Team rankings will determine opponents for all matches except the following;

Matches for the first round will be selected through a pool system where the top 4 highest teams will be placed at the top of each pool. Further selection will be randomly placed with the exception that each pool will only hold one instance of each country.

The final round will see team ranked one playing the second rank team, third against fourth and so on. Depending upon the ranks of two teams before the final round this may result in teams playing the same opponent more than once.

For 2018 the draw system in the image below is to be used;

Draw System3
The Matchup Process

Coaches and captains may assist in decision making during the event, but only a certain amount of time is allocated for this process in between games. The matchup selection process is as follows;

Team matchup system

The ETC Scoring System

Each Match of 4 games between teams is worth up to 16 Tournament Points [TP]. Over 6 games this grants a total of 96 available TP. Each individual game is worth up to 4TP.

Your in-game Victory Point [VP] score in relation to your opponent’s VP score will determine how many TP you earn.

Scoring works as such

  • If your score is equal to double, or higher than double your opponent’s VP you will earn 4TP.
    If an opponent scores 0 victory points and your score 1 or more you earn 4TP.

    • Example: You score 12VP and your opponent scores 6VP.
  • If you score more VP than your opponent, but less than double, you will earn 3TP.
    • Example: You score 12VP and your opponent scores 7VP.
  • If you score the same VP as your opponent you will earn 2TP.
    • Example: You score 6VP and your opponent scores 6VP.
  • If you score less VP, but more than half of your opponent’s score, then you will earn 1TP.
    • Example: You score 7VP and your opponent scores 12VP.
  • If you score 0VP or half or less of your opponent’s score then you will earn 0 TP.
    • Example: You score 2VP and your opponent scores 5VP.

The overall winner of the event will be the team with the most TP scored. In case of a tie, then the team’s Victory Point Difference [VPD] will be the first tiebreak. If the result is still tied after VPD then Victory Point Scored [VPS] will be the second tiebreak.

Tournament Organiser Decisions

For The European Team Championships, your Tournament Organisers will be Dave Nolan, Owen Wright and Matt King. Further TO’s will be confirmed closer to the date and will be introduced at the start of the event.

Throughout the tournament any decision made by a TO is final, and no discussion, after the making of a decision, shall be considered or entered in to. Any player who continues to debate a decision after a final ruling has been given shall be given a warning. Any player who earns three warnings over the course of the weekend shall be awarded -10 tournament points(tps) for their country and become individually ineligible for any secondary prizes. Each warning must be conducted by at least 2 TO’s un-associated with the countries involved to prevent favoritism.

Prizes, Precious!

 First Place TBA – Suitably Epic Prize and/or Trophy
 Second Place TBA – Suitably Epic Prize and/or Trophy
 Third Place TBA – Suitably Epic Prize and/or Trophy

What you will need

 Your Forces 800pts
 Your Force’s army list with the General indicated.
 Tape measure
 Dice
 Recording equipment for Might, Will, Fate etc (e.g. pencil and pad)
 Objective markers
 Glue for emergency repairs
 Tray
 A good sense of humour & the desire to roll dice
 Rule book and appropriate access to Source books along with up to date GW  Most recent FAQ
 The Missions


All scenarios will be randomly chosen through the course of the event. The scenarios are all picked from GW generals accessory packwith no changes or modifications.

Lord of Battle
Storm the Camp
Fog of War

The 6th Scenario is Seize the Prize.
This is also the scenario for the final round. It will not be included in the random draw for rounds 1-5.